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Health Promotions Now has what you need! Our promotional dental care products make great handouts at community and company events as well View all Patient Giveaways products from Dental Product Shopper. Personalized bulk orthodontic toothbrushes are practical oral care items that all patients 25 Dental Giveaway Ideas People Will Actually Want to Use · Water Bottles · Tooth Healthy Snacks · Xylitol Pops/Candy/Gum · Grocery Bags · Mp3's · Ear buds · Brushing


Extraaa oral hygiene routine! #floss #waterpick #toothbrush #dentist #tonguescraper Get promo codes, free products, Orall discounts. Magnetic Clips 2. Request online! Showing of 47 results 30 60 com, Inc. They take it everywhere.

Oral care product giveaways - Shop Crestline's selection of dental and tooth themed giveaways for employees and patients. Promote your practice while you promote Health Promotions Now has what you need! Our promotional dental care products make great handouts at community and company events as well View all Patient Giveaways products from Dental Product Shopper. Personalized bulk orthodontic toothbrushes are practical oral care items that all patients 25 Dental Giveaway Ideas People Will Actually Want to Use · Water Bottles · Tooth Healthy Snacks · Xylitol Pops/Candy/Gum · Grocery Bags · Mp3's · Ear buds · Brushing

Free Shipping on 5, Products Special Offer Testimonials Need One Personalized? opens in a new window. Suggested Products. Hand Sanitizer Spray - 20 ml.

Seven Day Pill Case. Not sure how to find something? Ask for Help! Color White 23 Apply White filter Blue 17 Apply Blue filter Green 15 Apply Green filter Red 13 Apply Red filter Purple 8 Apply Purple filter Orange 7 Apply Orange filter Yellow 6 Apply Yellow filter Black 5 Apply Black filter Pink 5 Apply Pink filter Off white 2 Apply Off white filter Teal 2 Apply Teal filter.

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Home Wellness Personal Care Personal Care Oral Care. Promotional Dental Products. Sort by: Featured Sell Price Title Minimum Quantity. Direction: Ascending Descending.

Travel Toothbrush in Folding Case. Traditional Rectangle Shaped Dental Floss. MicroHalt Toothbrush Cover. Tooth Shaped Dental Floss with Key Chain. Travel Toothbrush Holder. Smile Two Minute Brushing Sand Timer.

Soft Grip Toothbrush with Cap. Stand Up Suction Toothbrush Tongue Scraper. Tooth Shape Dental Floss with Key Ring. Sea Creatures Dental Pick Set. Credit Card Style Dental Floss with Mirror. Reach Dental Floss. Travelers Toothbrush. Three Minute Smile Brushing Sand Timer.

Fold Away Toothbrush. Toothpick Flosser. Card Mint Dental Floss with Mirror and Pouch. Adult Toothbrush. Travel Tooth Brush with Colgate Toothpaste. Children's Toothbrush. Dental Flossft.

Wooden Toothpicks in Flip-Top Dispenser with SPF 15 Lip Balm. Health Pac Dental Kit. Disaster Hygiene Kit. Dental Kit- 4 Piece.

Time To Brush Kit. Adult Wellness 5-Piece Oral Care Kit. Happy Teeth Dental Kit-7 Piece. Push n Save Tube Squeezer. Credit Card Dental Floss. Custom Dental Products for Healthy Smiles Promotional dental items like dental picks and travel toothbrushes, can be branded with your dental practice's logo and contact information.

Types of Promotional Oral Care Items 4AllPromos offers many different types of dental promotional items to help boost brand recognition and show customer appreciation.

Toothbrushes Branded toothbrushes are an excellent way to encourage good dental hygiene through regular brushing while reminding your patients to schedule routine appointments with you. Dental Floss Dental floss in a container with your logo provides patients with the means to floss regularly.

Dental Kits Dental kits can be a great way to welcome new patients to the office. Some of our top-liked dental kits include: Health Pac Dental Kit — This kit includes all the necessities for a beautiful smile, including fresh mint toothpaste, dental floss, and a compact, travel-sized toothbrush.

Disaster Hygiene Kit — This kit is perfect for travel or emergencies and includes all the dental care items you might need during an unexpected overnight trip.

Custom Time to Brush Kit — This customized dental kit is designed for your younger patients. It includes a toothbrush, friendly faces floss keychain, sand timer, and travel bag. Easily customize the bags to your choice of color.

Printed Adult Wellness 5-Piece Oral Care Kit — This complete kit is for your adult clients. That goes against social media rules. Sharing information in the form of a blog should be among your dental giveaways bag of tricks.

Do know your target audience. Dental giveaways should match your demographics. Are you targeting busy parents with kids? Hand sanitiser, tissues and travel cases will do the job. Are you located in the trendy, eco-conscious part of town, re-usable grocery bags and seed pods speak their language.

You want people to get good use out of your item and think highly of you. Do you want to know more about how to get more patients and wow the ones you have?

Have you struggled to create a positive buzz around your practice? Check out our Dental Marketing Services. Check out our list of dental giveaways people actually use.

When health-conscious people get a nice water bottle, they use it. They take it everywhere. Tooth Healthy Snacks First of all, stay away from peanuts and pretzels. Introduce your patients to Xylitol sweetened candies and gum with your logo.

Grocery Bags It all depends on your budget. Many people today opt for reusable grocery bags. They use them again and again. They carry them to their cars with your information proudly displayed for all to see. Everywhere they go, you go with them on the side of their tote.

Or you could offer 2-minute tooth brushing songs for kids. Or create a page on your site for downloads. Ear buds Ear buds are inexpensive these days.

You can put your logo on the pouch. Why not give your patient an extra to share with a friend? How do you get all of the paste out of the tube? USB Wall Charger People love their devices. Travel Pouches Everyone needs them.

It helps them remember to take tooth care with them when they travel. But people today want more. Hand Sanitiser Lots of people like to keep hand sanitiser on hand when things get messy. You can get it in a spray tube or gel. Your name and location should be on it. Cases come in basic colours, sparkly or with designs.

Lip balm Help patients keep their lips healthy and moisturised when the days turn colder. Give them SPF sunscreen lip balm for blistering days. Many patients use lip balm constantly.

What a great way to show you care! Travel mirrors are something that everyone wishes they had when they needed it. You can be a part of that solution. Key chain Light If you give someone a key chain light, they will use it.

People understand the value. Go where they go on a key chain light. Want to add some fun for children? Key chain get creative Besides the flashlight, you can design many trendy key chains to represent your business. Just like the flashlight, once they put it on there, it stays so you go with them everywhere.

Make it fun. Shape it like a tooth. Make it colourful and friendly. Co-workers see it, which starts an interesting conversation. Gift Cards They can seem impersonal for birthdays and gifts, but gift cards as prises get people excited.

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